Volume III

Γ' Τόμος

One hundred fifty years of the Holy Theological School of Halki

In 1994, the Halki Theological School completed 150 years since its establishment in 1844, an anniversary that was celebrated with exceptional brilliance on the hill of “Hope”, with the participation of Patriarchs, Archbishops, Metropolitans and representatives of the Roman Catholic, the Anglican and Protestant Churches, international Christian organizations and politicians.

On the occasion of this celebration, the Association published a voluminous commemorative scientific volume, which includes works of the School’s alumni in the course of the School’s life as a spiritual nursery for the staffing of the Holy and Great Church of Christ; it also includes its scientific contribution to the Orthodox Church as its spiritual center, in order to meet contemporary needs and face problems of Christian people as well as its contribution to the promotion of the sacred science of Theology.