Volume VI

Volume VI

In honor of His All Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

The publication of Volume VI of the scientific Yearbook of the Association in 2006 constitutes a wholehearted dedication to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the part of his fraternity brothers, members of the Association, on the occasion of the completion of fifteen years since his elevation to the glorious and historic Throne of the martyred Church of Apostle Andrew.

The honorary Volume, in its 713 pages, includes 26 scientific works of graduates of the School, of exceptional theological interest, many of which are associated with initiatives of the Ecumenical Patriarch of historic significance in the context of inter-Orthodox, inter-Christian and inter-Religious dialogues. The varied, otherwise, theological content of the Volume gives the stigma of the theological tradition of the School as a theological staff fully prepared to face the challenges of the modern world, as it is on account of the impressive and historic initiatives of the Primate of the First See Church of Orthodoxy.


  1. Dedication
  2. Rightful honor
  3. Metropolitan Athanasios Papas of Ilioupolis and Theira:
    From the contribution to plastic arts of some artists of Constantinople during the 20th century
  4. Basil N. Anagnostopoulos:
    The archives of the Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos V and the writing of his biography
  5. Dr. Athanasios Basdekis:
    Orthodoxie und Europa
  6. Metropolitan Gennadios of Italy and Malta:
    The Orthodox Greeks of Meliti
  7. E.K. Yannis:
    Attempts for the renewal of Orthodox iconography. The hagiography of the Church of St. Paul in Chambesy, Geneva
  8. Konstantinos N. Giokarinis, Dr. of Theology:
    The inter-religious dialogue for peace and reconciliation among peoples. Preconditions, ways and possibilities
  9. Apostolos Glavinas:
    George Vizyinos as student at the Holy Theological School of Halki (1872-1873)
  10. Konstantinos Delikonstantes:
    The school religious education as an education (paideia) of freedom
  11. Metropolitan Evangelos Yalanes of Perghe:
    Voice of the Nation
  12. Metropolitan Iakovos Sofroniades of The Princes Islands:
    Laodikeia, yesterday and today
  13. Kyriakos Papakyriakos:
    Metropolitans of the Holy Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita, Graduates of the Holy Theological School of Halki
  14. Gregorios Larentzakes:
    The charismatic and institutional character of ecclesiastical offices in the life of the Church. Theological reflection and ecumenical perspectives
  15. Metropolitan Maximos (Aghiorgoussis) of Pittsburgh:
    The unity of the church. An orthodox point of view
  16. Theodoros Nicholaou:
    The ordination of women from an Orthodox point of view. It advocates the ordination of women to the rank of deaconess
  17. Georgios Xinos:
    The language sentiment in the magazine Imvros (1947-1955)
  18. Nicholas C.Xexakis:
    Power and ministry to the theologian teacher
  19. Metropolitan Pavlos (Menevisoglou) of Sweden:
    Handwritten form of the Pedalion of 1793
  20. Vasilios Stavrides:
    Metropolitan Iakovos Stefanides of Iconium (1916-1965)
  21. Protopresbyter Dr. Georgios Tsetsis :
    The establishment of the Orthodox Center of Ecumenical Patriarchate in Champezy, Geneva. The left-out
  22. Prof. Dr. Constantine N. Tsirpanlis:
    Globalization in Byzantine-Orthodox world
  23. Christos Tsouvalis:
    Saint Photios, the Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Halki and its Theological School
  24. Archim. Nafkratios Tsoulkanakis:
    «The Logos of the Cross». Reactions of Jew and Gentile scholars towards first Christian teachings
  25. Protopresbyter Seraphim Farasoglou:
    Angelos Voudouris and his musical work (1891-1951)
  26. Athanasios Fourlas:
    Abuse and morphological change of names of Greek-Americans. Material for sociological study and semiotic evaluation
  27. Metropolitan Chrysostomos (Gerasimos) Zaphires of Peristeri:
    The contribution of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the Macedonian Struggle during the time of Ioakim 3rd. The Bulgarian Exarchate and the condemnation of “Nationalism”
  28. Metropolitan Chrysostomos Constantinidis of Ephesus:
    Tolerance and church dispensation. The “dispensation” of Orthodoxy as a component of friendship and fellowship
  29. Accountability of the Board of the Association of Halki Theological School Graduates at the General Assembly of its members on February 7, 2004